The sublimation of dreams flows into daring.
Dare Lisbon House comes from the soul, the soul of a family that loves to be together, that loves laughing and gathering, in truth Dare Lisbon was born from the happiness and the pleasure of the rebirth, in community, of a renewed space.
No, we didn't start from zero, from nothing! We had already the history of a building with more than 200 years, it overflows it's timeline and transports us to a city bathed in light, open to the river, to travel, to the world... from the start, daringly cosmopolitan and reinventive!
Among laughter, crying, textures and smells, we embrace this space, each and every recess and peculiarity, the marks of ancient arts, now re-invented. Highlighting this timelessness, we have created a space of refinement, sublimating the elegance of a way of life which makes Lisbon unique!
And, because it's the spirit of the cities that makes them timeless, Dare Lisbon House is the manifestation of a city filled with vibrance and pulsating with life.
We have summoned the city! We have summoned the artisans, craftsmen and artists! We have summoned all gods. We drink form their art, ingenuity and wisdom!
Now its your turn, feel dared, and DARE.
With 23 apartments in an elegant, modern and welcoming space, we invite you to dive into this vibrant and hopelessly daring city.
Because more than a word or a thought, DARE is an attitude!

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